News release - 2003/02/13 -
Chemical Engineering Technology Award to Visual Modeler

The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan recently announced the SCEJ Awards for the fiscal 2002 and the Dynamic simulator Visual Modeler developed and being sold by Omega Simulation Co., Ltd. received the SCEJ Technology Award.
The Visual Modeler has made it possible to produce a virtual plant representing a real one with complete fidelity which is applicable to operator training and education, study of operating and controlling methods, operation optimization and so forth. We would like to express our gratitude to the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan who has highly evaluated our simulation technology that is all-Japanese and that have produced many good results at home and abroad.
The dynamic simulator, Visual Modeler , is a general-purpose simulator designed for a plant handling various chemicals and petroleum. A plant model can be configured by arranging various process units and instruments units on the PFD (process flow diagram) and connecting them by material streams (piping) and data streams (signal lines). The process units include, for example, a distillation tower, a reactor, a heat exchanger, a valve, and a pump and the instrument units include a flow meter, a thermometer, and a PID controller. As this model is calculated every moment, the movement of a plant is simulated. Each unit is modeled strictly on the basis of the principles of chemical engineering and many units are calculated as a whole at high speed to reproduce the plant movement with high fidelity and to realize a virtual plant on a computer. This virtual plant has been put to diversified practical uses as a simulator of high level application system (OmegaLand) for operator training, process analysis and examination, education of chemical process, tuning of control system, operation support and optimization.
Unlike existing simulators for processes, the Visual Modeler is capable of executing real time simulation with complete fidelity of a large plant which consists of more than 10,000 units including all devices for startup/shutdown and safety necessary for operation. Moreover, it is possible to simulate accurately in detail even when equipment is empty. Since more than 200 standard units are contained, a plant can be easily configured. For special units which cannot be covered by the standard units, there is an expanding method to create custom-units. Thus, the Visual Modeler has various unique features.
About 100 license of the Visual Modeler have already been sold mainly in Japan and are well applied to business at enterprises and researches at universities.

 Figure 1.  Display of Visual Modeler V2 (Japanese Version)