What's New in OmegaLand V3.2

In OmegaLand V3.2, the following items have been mainly upgraded.

Operating System Expansion

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 has been newly added as an operating environment.
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 is no longer supported.

Microsoft VC++

Visual Studio 2017 has been newly added as a compiler of the model function.

Microsoft Excel

Excel 2016 has been newly added as a configuration tool for GRAPHIC and instructor functions.

Common System Functions
Backup Save

It is now possible to make backup copies of the simulation projects that are being worked on.

Model Functions
Operation Window

The operation window can now also be used as the reference window when the VM is started in standalone.

Reverse Flow Specification Mark

Regardless of whether or not the stream name is displayed on the PFD window, streams specified with a reverse flow are now marked as “R”.

New Unit Models

Plug flow pipe unit for both liquid and vapor is added.
Simplified equilibrium reactor unit which uses equilibrium constants as function of temperature is added.
Simplified plug flow reactor in which internal density change is not considered is added.
Generic reactor for unspecified measurement target is added.

Improved Unit Models

Liquid phase reaction function is added to distillation column units. Tray columns have improved to have new tray type. Packed columns have improved to have new pressure drop model.
Most of instrument units have improved to have common variable names, which are utilized to connect with DCS or other subsystems.

Pressure Flow Calculation

A function has been added to remove upper and lower limit flow rate limits set by the units for each process at once. It can be set as a process common variable from the VM icon on the PFD window.

Model / Trend Functions
Enlarged Window Display

The operation window can now also be used as the reference window when the VM is started in standalone.

Process Name Display Omission

The Process name can now be omitted when an item name is displayed.

GRAPHIC Function
  • It is now possible to enhance the DCS emulation function by customizing faceplate changes, adding alarm types, and customizing the display of the alarm summary and the operation guide.
  • A general-purpose button has been added that allows setting multiple variable values, to link with the instructor functions, to play and stop audio and video files, and to open and close graphic files.
Instructor Function
Evaluation Function Enhancement

It is now possible to collect past evaluation results in time series in table or chart formats for each trainee and training scenario, and the visibility of the training results and their changes has been improved.
It is now possible to classify the evaluation items into multiple categories and display the evaluation results in list views, radar charts, and so on.
It is now possible to customize the threshold for the evaluation algorithm, and to change the standard value of evaluation and the penalty value depending on the time.